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Dear Günter,
Many thanks for your response.
If that really is all the information you can provide I can’t see how it’s possible for me to agree to be nominated. No serious privacy advocate would. At the very least I’d need to know the standing, responsibilities, ambit, authority or even the most basic terms of reference for the group. Notwithstanding the involvement of particular individuals within the consortium the question I would need to ask is what the nature of my involvement might be.
I hope you understand my dilemma. As founder of Privacy International I’ve publicly held such initiatives to account for many years and it would be rather hypocritical of me to sign up to a process that could make me hostage to fortune. This is potentially a very dangerous project from a privacy perspective and I need to know this group isn’t merely a perception tactic.
Do you have any documentation whatever that might help me understand more about this project?
Best wishes


On 3 Aug 2012, at 08:49, Guenter Schumacher wrote:
Dear Simon,
Many thanks for your quick and positive response!
We actually have individuals in the consortium with significant experience in data protection. For example, Laurent Beslay, who was previously with the EDPS is now working in our group in the JRC. Furthermore, the data protection authorities relevant for the demo installations will also be part of the PAB.
The final decision on the composition of the PAB will be up to the Project Management Board and the Commission. I will let you know as soon as a decision has been taken. Please, understand that before the grant contract has been concluded the consortium cannot disclose further information apart from the one send to you.
Once again, thanks for your interest and readiness!
Best regards,
Günter Schumacher
From: Simon Davies []
Sent: Donnerstag, 2. August 2012 12:30
To: Guenter-Egon.Schumacher
Subject: Fwd: Request for expert board participation
Dear Günter,
many thanks for your request to nominate me as a candidate for membership of the PAB of the FastPass project.
As you may know, the European Parliament recently tasked me with the role of leading a full external assessment of the Commission’s proposed reforms to the EU Data Protection framework. My availability and my ability to advise particular projects will very much be determined by my longer-term involvement in the DP reform process.
In the meantime I would certainly be happy to consider your invitation. However FastPass involves a vast spectrum of privacy and DP issues and I note there is no specialist privacy organisation in the consortium. This will put considerable pressure on the PAB. It goes without saying that from the perspective of respect for fundamental rights any advisory role in the project must be fully independent and must be equipped with a substantial level of authority.
Would you be able to send me the full project proposal plus details of the terms of reference and role of the PAB?
Best wishes
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From: Guenter Schumacher
Sent: Thu 8/2/2012 9:06 AM
To: Davies,SG
Subject: Request for expert board participation

Dear Simon,

The Joint Research Centre will start with other partners towards the end of
2012 a project on the subject of “Automated Border Control (ABC)”. The
acronym of the project is FastPass (see attached short presentation) and
will run 4 years. FastPass deals with the development of a new generation of
ABC systems and use both face and fingerprint recognition. Besides the
functional aspects, privacy and data protection will be a major focus. For
that purpose, the project will create a “Privacy Advisory Board (PAB)” for
which we currently establish a list of candidates. We would be very pleased
if you would consider participation in the PAB and accept being part of the
candidate list. It goes without saying that the project would cover all
expenses of our potential participation.

I would very much appreciate your positive response to this request!

With best regards,

Günter Schumacher


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